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Battlefield 3 Trolling “You got esploded”


Trolling: A player in an online multiplayer game whose goal is to be as absolutely obnoxious to other players, typically for teh lulz. This is traditionally actions such as team killing, team wounding, blocking, and spawn camping. Note that it is a misconception among a large part of the internet (particularly care bears, noobs, and nublets) that complaining to or about a griefer will deter them. In fact it is the opposite; this is the ultimate confirmation that they are annoying other players.

Love em’ or hate em’, they sure do know how to make funny youtube videos. Enjoy :)

SOFLAM – Use it, Know it, Love it.


This weapon is quite possibly BF3’s most under-utilized weapon. When used properly it is a very powerful asset to your team (and more importantly your score!). This video gives a good tutorial on how to capitalize on any situation while using this weapon.

The SOFLAM is a Recon gadget in Battlefield 3. It is deployed as a stationary weapon like the M224 Mortar but is used for laser designation of targets for guided weaponry. Once set into a suitable area, the player can control it remotely (like the EOD Bot or MAV). The SOFLAM is semi-autonomous and will designate targets even when unattended.

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